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Luxury Dog Lodging in Salt Lake City

The city may never sleep, but your dog will sleep soundly at Central Park Pet Retreat. When you walk in our doors, you’ll be greeted warmly by our staff as we check your dog in. Your pup will enjoy a private room complete with soft, fluffy bedding and the soothing sounds of music. Then the fun starts: From catching Frisbees to playing fetch or just laying around being a dog, we’ll keep your furry friend happy and thoroughly entertained. Plus, his safety is our number 1 priority– so rest easy.

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A Sophisticated Stay with 24/7 Supervision

Just like New York, we have a melting pot of visitors: no matter your dog’s size, age, breed, or personality, there’s a perfect place just for him or her at Central Park Pet Retreat. From our Jersey Lofts to our Parkview Suites and SoHo Townhouses, our various lodging options make every unique canine guest feel special and right at home when you’re away.

Plus, our owner lives right on-site for expert supervision, day and night.

Our pet accommodations offer all the amenities your furry family member deserves, including:

  • Freshly-laundered bedding on elevated beds for superior comfort
  • Comprehensive five-point wellness checks given every day
  • The soothing sounds of relaxing music
  • A fully climate-controlled environment for restful sleep & relaxation
  • We recommend bringing your dog’s regular diet. However, we offer a high-quality food at no cost
  • Of course, at least three relief breaks each day
  • We're easy to get to in Salt Lake City, UT
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Exciting and Enriching Activity Packages

No two dogs are alike, but all dogs are social creatures and therefore need the proper amount of attention & play to stay happy and healthy. That’s why we offer engaging activity packages, allowing pet parents to customize their dog’s stay. We’ve also developed discounted activity packages full of some of our most popular activities and treats. Give us a call to learn about us and your pet’s activity choices in detail!

You’ll be able to choose from:

  • Play, Play, Play! For some dogs, nothing is more fun than romping around with their fellow canines. If your dog instead prefers the company of humans, our loving caregivers will be his or her best friend and find the perfect activity.
  • Cuddles & Love. Do you have a LoveBug—one that loves to be snuggled and cuddled? Then treat him or her to the undivided attention of our human caregivers. Enjoy personal brushing, cuddles, bedtime stories, and more.
  • Puppy & Senior Packages. We have special packages filled with extra TLC for our senior and puppy visitors. Puppies benefit from the extra playtimes and potty breaks in their own custom package, while senior pets enjoy mobility walks and special, extra comfy bedding.
  • Fun in the Sun. Our canine guests love to splash around in our kiddie pools on hot days!
  • Special Snacks. Your dog will love savory & healthy homemade treats.

Clean & Safe Canine Quarters

At Central Park Pet Retreat, we strive to be the cleanest & safest pet care facility possible. Our building was especially designed for canine comfort, and our careful practices ensure happy, healthy guests.

  • State-of-the-art, pet-designed cleaning systems and products keep our facility sanitized in a safe & thorough way
  • Our owner lives right on the premises, so guests are protected by maximum supervision
  • Every staff member is trained in industry-best practices
  • Five-point wellness checks are delivered every day (consumption, elimination, coat, eye clarity, and personality)
  • For group play, we maintain an ideal staff-to-dogs ratio & choose groups carefully based on size, age, and temperament
  • A fully climate-controlled interior ensures comfort & fun no matter the weather
  • Our one-acre lot features lots of shaded areas for resting. Plus, splash pools keep pups extra cool on hot days.
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Love this place! I will never board our dogs anywhere else. They love your dogs so much and I love that my dogs get to play and make new friends during the day in the playroom.

Zoey Saddler, on Google

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