Dog Bathing

dog bathing

Professional Grooming in salt lake city

Our experienced dog groomers here at Central Park Pet Retreat use advanced technology & products to help your dog look & feel amazing. Our refined practices and tools help ensure a pleasant experience for your pooch from start to finish.

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Deluxe Dog Grooming & Bathing Packages

No matter your dog’s breed, age, or size, our professional grooming staff will provide individualized Central Park inspired service for a makeover you & your dog will love.

  • Off-Broadway Bath & Brush. This premium bathing service includes a bath, brush-out and fluff-dry, nail trim, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, and a bow or bandana with doggie cologne.
dog grooming

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Fifth Avenue A-La-Carte

Choose any of our salon services for a totally customized pup pampering.

  • Nail trim
  • Hair removal soak
  • De-matting
  • Nail polish
  • Teeth cleaning
  • De-shed treatment
  • Anal gland expression

Health Benefits of a Clean Dog

Professional grooming makes for a pretty pet, but it also promotes a healthy body.

  • Skin & Coat. Routine bathing improves the overall health of your dog’s skin and coat, preventing matting and removing dirt & excess hair. Screening the skin and paws for any signals of health problems is also a regular part of the bathing process!
  • Shedding. Our bather’s special tools are designed to reach the innermost layers of fur your dog has. This loosens up otherwise unreachable hair, leaving your dog feeling great shedding much less.
  • Nails. Left unchecked, a canine’s nails will grow constantly which can be painful and disruptive to your dog’s natural foot structure.
  • Safety. Groomers are equipped with the tools & training to get the job done in a quick way that’s harmless to your pet. Attempts to groom at home can result in accidental irritation or injury.
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Both Ziggy and Coco were so pretty after their grooming! I was happy to hear they played well with others.

Pam M

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